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Looking for an eco- friendly pest control that is safe for everyone?

Look no further!

 As a child, Kevin Touchton had already learned a lot about the pest control industry. His father owned a pest control company in St. Augustine, Florida, and he learned how to help as a teenager. After college, where he acquired a degree in Biology with a major in Entomology, he managed the family business for his dad. He developed new ideas and techniques, being intentional about keeping up with the latest research and development in the industry. He and Carolyn were married in 1981 and moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1985. They began Scientific Consultants on Pest Elimination, Inc. in 1987.


Kevin had been noticing his allergic reactions multiplying over the years, and if he was going to remain in the pest control industry, he was going to have to change the way he exposed himself to chemicals. He began developing more innovative ways to take care of specific pest problems, like sealing gaps, using baits, spraying inside walls, and choosing non-allergenic products whenever possible. Eventually, S.C.O.P.E. became an eco-friendly pest and termite company, serving residential homes as well as commercial buildings.


People who have infants, allergies and respiratory issues as well as nursing homes, schools, and medical facilities especially appreciate the eco-friendly approach to the elimination of household pests. Scope has remained solid in integrity, honesty, and service as well as having a very good success rate for pest elimination and control. In 2011, Zach Pennington was hired as a tech who formerly worked for another pest control. He and Kourtney now manage the business. Kourtney took over for Kelly after she had worked in the field and office for more than 10 years. She had her second son (Kevin and Carolyn's 6th grandchild) in February 2016. 


Through the years, the business became both owned and operated exclusively by family members. This is good for the customer satisfaction because every member of the team is devoted to seeing Scope exhibit the characteristics that are important to the Touchton family. Many of Scope’s very first customers are still faithful to them for all of their pest control needs. Working their way through the next phase of life, the relationship between the team at Scope and the client has grown. One of the greatest pleasures is being part of the next generation, as they become adults and home owners themselves, calling Scope for all of their pest needs. So the legacy continues, and the hope is to serve the Tampa Bay area well for years to come.




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