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COMMON SENSE. Think about it. Ant bait…..put indoors, in the kitchen……DRAWS ants INTO the kitchen INTO the bait. Isn’t that the problem? SCOPE PEST SERVICES applies common sense to ant problems. For years we have sprayed a liquid ant bait into the landscape and lawn from street to back fence. This draws ants OUT of the structure and treats the SOURCE. Almost every plant/tree has aphids or scale which produce syrupy honeydew,a balanced ant food. This rains from the bugs onto leaves and surfaces below them, drawing ants to lick it up and fight off natural predators like ladybugs. Our bait, sprayed onto the leaves, (see picture) offers ants something sweeter than honeydew.


Baiting the property, even the gutters and roof, allows us to attack ant colonies that are even in your neighbor’s yard and gain longer control. (After all, “Your ants used to be your neighbor’s ants”). After baiting, we use precise applications of preventative residuals where ants tend to trail on and around the structure for extended control.



Florida carpenter ant varieties do not, as a rule, cause the extensive damage to wood structures like that of the black carpenter ant in northern states. Carpenter ants in Florida can, however, damage drywall, insulation, and expand existing damage from rot or termites as they find their way to your attic. Our treatment is very simple and effective.

As you can see in the picture, the ant bait is lightly spritzed over the shrubbery.

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