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German roaches require a different approach than most common cockroaches.


Large visible aggregations can be vacuumed for quick reduction. We at SCOPE do not, as a rule, use gel or paste baits. The practices associated with these baits has led to strains of roaches with aversions to certain formulas…..primarily the sugars or proteins. The roaches would die if they ingested these baits….but they have genetically chosen not to eat. New bait formulas have been developed, but the practices that led to the first aversions have not changed. There are only so many sugars and proteins available. And THEN what? The first baits developed in the 1980’s were in removable bait stations. Roaches were not exposed to old bait. Then gel baits and bait guns were developed, allowing bait to be put into irretrievable locations. Roaches are exposed to numerous ages and formulas. Thus, a never ending problem.


Preparation and Treatment: We request cabinets be cleared for unobstructed work. Then we apply low toxic sprays into the deep cabinet recesses where roaches breed. This light mist may contain borates( derivatives of natural borax), IGR’s (insect growth regulators…..basically manmade copies of natural hormones controlling bug development), and ARILON (insecticide made by DUPONT…. doesn’t harm butterflies , bees, etc). The powdered version of AVERT bait ( which has never shown aversion in roaches despite its name) may also be used in select locations. A tedious site-by-site search –and –treat invasion is engaged. The refrigerator, usually a big nesting site, is pulled out. The motor area is exposed and treated. Our goal at SCOPE is to give long term elimination of roaches in a structure, not repetitive short-term treatments. Our treatments also include sealing gaps and voids where time allows, as well as expert advice on what measures YOU can take to increase control.

As you can see, the German cockroach is smaller, about 1 inch

and slender. Unlike the common American cockroach. You will find the occasional American in your home due to rain, yard work, etc.

and it is nothing to worry about.

However the German roaches will be more so in your kitchens and bathrooms and multiply, so if you think you may have German cockroaches, give us a call! We'd be happy to help you get rid of these pesky pests!






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