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Florida is home to many species of cockroaches, most of which never invade structures to become a pest. Several do. These include larger species like Florida woodroaches, Australian, American, Brown, Smokey brown, and Suriname. The smaller indoor German roach and its lookalike cousin Asian cockroach are both common. Larger roaches breed in sewers, attics, mulch, trees, junkpiles, and wall voids.


SCOPE PEST SERVICES treats voids with low toxic dusts (like boric acid, diatomaceous earth, or silica gel). Openings or gaps in walls and ceilings are foam sealed. Customized door seals are installed, or existing ones reinforced. Attics are aerosol treated with a fine fog that penetrates and kills existing pests, but leaves no messy residues. If sewer manholes are close to your structure, they, too are treated with specialized materials to eliminate the hundreds that breed there.


(American roaches breeding in sewers will often follow sewer lines at night when drains tend to be quiet, emerging from the vent stacks onto the roof. From there they climb into attics or soffits).


  SCOPE's Aerosol treatment under and over a open porch deck

The result=

dead roaches

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