Animal and Wildlife Trapping


Sometimes wild animals make their home, or make themselves a nuisance, on your property. Some animals, such as raccoons, can be very destructive and spread dangerous diseases. Their removal becomes necessary.


SCOPE PEST SERVICES treats wildlife with care and respect. They are only following their instincts and do not intentionally wish to cause harm. It is important to us to prevent terrifying the animal any further while trapped. Cage covers are used to shield the animal from adverse weather and scary surroundings. An uncovered caged animal tossed into the open bed of a truck traveling in noisy daylight traffic is NOT AN OPTION!

If possible, animals are re-released in nature. Some animals, however, are required by law to be euthanized. If so, they are treated humanely and gently. Our method of euthanasia is chloroform gas which simply puts them to sleep. NOT drowning, car exhaust, or some other horrific end.


If a wild animal has entered your attic or structure, trapping and removal is only part of the solution. It is important to proof the structure, sealing any entry against future invasion. SCOPE has the experience to seal openings in aesthetically pleasing ways.

We can also determine if decontamination procedures are necessary and make recommendations, such as replacing insulation. Be aware that birds can leave mites and mammals can leave behind ticks and fleas.

We can expertly address these problems as well.












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